Trafficking - SuRGE

Trafficking Program – Survivors, Resiliency, Growth, and Empowerment (SuRGE)

SuRGE is designed to be an intensive service that stays involved with trafficking survivors as they attempt to break free of life on the streets. We recognize that access to consistent treatment and continuity of care is critical to success.

This program is based on a harm reduction model and utilizes multiple modalities to treat complex trauma and substance use. These modalities include but are not limited to psychoeducation, S.T.A.R, Seeking Safety, Somatic therapies, CPT, TF CBT, DBT, ACRA, EMDR and Forward Facing. The frequency and duration of individual counseling sessions is based on clinical need and determined in collaboration with the client and external team as appropriate.

Hope utilizes specialized therapists to maximize successful outcomes. In addition to in office trauma therapy, experiential therapy with Hope’s horses and dogs may also be utilized to assist the client in the therapeutic process.

Survivor Advocate

HCS now has a dedicated Survivor Advocate that will be able to focus on all aspects of the clients experience from their own personal experience.     The Survivor Advocate plays an integral role in the SuRGE Program. SuRGE strives to provide comprehensive trauma treatment, improve resiliency and support the youth in coping with the trauma they have endured. The Survivor  Advocate will serve as a bridge to the treatment team to increase therapeutic  outcomes.  They provide direct support to the youth as an active member of the Treatment Team and encourage the youth to move toward self-advocacy and self-determination in the attainment of their own goals by accompanying them to court hearings, forensic interviews, hospital staffings and any other opportunities to empower youth to make their voices heard.

* HCS only accepts referrals from AHCCCS Health Plan’s Case Managers. We do not take self-referrals or private insurance referrals.

Care Closet

HCS created a care closet for our youth who have been trafficked. Often times clients will return from the streets lacking the very basic necessities such as underwear, socks, and basic hair products. We are trying and bridge this gap in providing these basic needs upon their return to provide them some comfort.

Care Closet Wish List:

  • Bras and underwear – all teen sizes

  • Clothing – all teen sizes (leggings, t-shirts, hoodies, pajamas, etc)

  • Shoes

  • Hygiene Items (deodorant, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, tampons, pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

  • Hair Accessories & Tools (Brushes, combs, curling irons, blow dryers, hair ties, etc.)

See our Amazon Wish List for more specific items needed. You may also shop this Amazon list to have these items delivered directly to us.