Behavioral Health Services

Hope Community Services, (HCS) passionately serves the emotional needs of children and families who are at risk due to the impact of abuse, neglect, and trauma. HCS strives to get each child back on a normal developmental path and to prevent them from developing any long-term trauma-related mental or behavioral health problems. HCS provides the healing and support needed for a bright and healthy future for the children and families we serve through our Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Department.

HCS’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Department encompasses individualized services to meet children and family’s needs through a variety of services. Services are culturally competent and linguistically appropriate, strength-based and incorporate community supports to maximize resiliency and minimize the recurrence of symptoms.  Treatment frequency, modality and duration vary based upon individual client needs and preferences.  Services can be provided in an office setting, community, and home and may address trauma, family functioning, substance use/abuse and skills development.

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General Therapy

HCS offers multiple modalities to help strengthen individual and family functioning, improve coping skills, and increase pro-social behavior and problem-solving abilities to help achieve increased self-sufficiency.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy is designed to assist kids with treatment goals related to childhood trauma or complex trauma. Additionally, treatment works to improve the client’s sense of safety and emotional regulation through a Trauma centered curriculum.

Equine Therapy

This is a unique form of therapy for children whose lives are extremely impaired by significant trauma and haven't done well in a therapeutic office setting. Children are able to interact with miniature horses during their sessions.

Trafficking - SURGE

SURGE is designed to be an intensive service that stays involved with trafficking survivors as they attempt to break free of life on the streets. We recognize that access to consistent treatment and continuity of care is critical to success.

Psychoeducational Program

This program utilizes a person-centered approach to help each of our clients learn the necessary skills to manage everyday tasks and responsibilities. An individualized service plan is created after a thorough assessment.