Hope Community Services (HCS) began in 1986 as West Valley Child Crisis Center (WVCCC). The Soroptimist International of the Kachinas saw a critical need for emergency shelter for children. Soroptimist combined their efforts with the assistance of the John F. Long Foundation to renovate and establish the first two shelter residences in 1986 and 1988. For over sixteen years WVCCC operated out of two residential homes helping children who were victims of abuse, abandonment, domestic violence or neglect.

First Shelter Residence – 1986

Second Shelter Residence – 1988

To meet the increased demand for placements, WVCCC opened the Kids Campus in 2002. The Kids Campus served 300-400 children annually. In 2009, the shelter closed due to changes in the State of Arizona’s vision and preference to place each child in a home-like environment. WVCCC continued to provide child welfare services through a community-based model of care.

In 2018, due to the shift in service delivery and the expansion of serving children and families all over the valley, WVCCC changed its name to Hope Community Services (HCS). Today, HCS still serves the same children and families through our Child Welfare Programs and newly added Behavioral Health Programs.

First Mission

To provide temporary shelter and supervision for children who are victims of or at risk of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, in a safe, nurturing, and home like environment that is staffed by quality care providers and to interact with the community to increase awareness of and work to prevent the cycle of child abuse.

Second Mission

To be proactive in ending the cycle of abuse of family violence through education, prevention programs, and safe placement services to promote healthy family environments for the future of Arizona’s children.

Current Mission

To create lasting solutions for children and families by providing innovative programs to foster safe and healthy communities within Arizona.