Family Support Services

Programa de visitas familiares

Family Support Program

Staying true to our core values and the service philosophy of family centered care, HCS implemented the Family Visitation Program in November 2014. The program, delivered in partnership with Arizona Department of Child Safety, focuses on family reunification services.  Visitation can help implement many essential family reunification goals, including maintaining the parent/child/sibling relationships; enhancing child and parent self-images; promoting partnership between parents and foster parents; learning and practicing parenting skills; helping family members confront reality; and documenting progress towards reunification goals.

Shortly after HCS, began to provide additional support to the family through parent aide services. In addition to the supervised visitations, the HCS Parent Aide spends additional time with the parent(s) providing them with instruction and resources to help improve their parenting skills needed to maintain a safe home and environment long term. 

Program Target Population:

The Family Visitation Program serves children ages birth through 17 years old (and their families) who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment and have been referred for services by Arizona Department of Child Safety.

Referral Process:

Arizona Department of Child Safety sends referrals directly to an HCS Coordinator. The Coordinator then assigns the cases internally within seven days of receipt of the approved referral.

Child-Parent Visitation:

HCS Family Visitation & Parent Aides communicate with foster families, bi-families and DCS Specialist on the success or lack of success of each case. All interactions with child(ren) and families are documented and submitted to DCS.

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