Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program gives parents/caregivers the support to help manage their child’s behavior and prevent the kinds of problems that make family life stressful. Triple P is based on the promotion of self-regulation in both parents/caregivers and children. The goals are for children to develop emotional self-regulation and for parents/ caregivers to become resourceful, independent problem-solvers.

Over 15-20 individual in-home sessions with a Triple P provider, parents/caregivers will set their own goals and work out what changes they would like to see in the child’s behavior. Practitioners will guide parents/caregivers through active skills training. The parents/caregivers decide what is important to them and whether a child’s behavior is something they would like to encourage or discourage. Triple P then, simply and effectively, equips parents with ideas and strategies that they can adapt to suit their own particular beliefs and values.

Most Triple P sessions are held with just the Triple P Practitioner and the parents/ caregivers however four of the sessions do require the youth to be present.

• 3-17 years old
• Enrolled in a contracted Health Care Plan
• Enrolled in AHCCCS
• Parents/caregivers with concerns about their child’s moderate to severe behavioral problem who require intensive training in positive parenting on a one-to-one basis.

To refer a client for Triple P, send the following documents to
• Direct Service Referral form with up to date contact information
• Initial Assessment/ Annual Psychological Evaluation including current diagnosis and BHP signature
• CFT or provider Service Plan with parent/ guardian signature identifying Triple P
• Strengths, Needs, Cultural Discovery (if one has been completed)
• CAS II for youth over 5
• Crisis Plan (if one has been completed)

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