Equine Therapy

HCS offers an equine-assisted treatment modality which is an experiential form of psychotherapy where horses are involved in the sessions. Sessions are conducted by a treatment team of a Licensed Therapist and a qualified Equine Specialist in all your sessions. While both members of the team are involved in your therapy process, the role of the Equine Specialist is to oversee physical safety needs and provide observations on the behaviors of the horses. The therapist is there to oversee the psychotherapy process and help you make the parallels of the horse observations to your therapy goals and life. All sessions are on the ground – there is no riding of horses involved in the treatment process. The process is solution-oriented – meaning we believe you have the best solutions for yourself when provided the opportunity to discover them. We are here to provide the space and guidance through exploring what is happening in the process. This process also incorporates “Best Practice” and “Evidence-Based” interventions as determined by the therapist.

Equine Assisted Therapy is a short treatment model (typically 8-12 weeks). The sessions are held outdoors, at a local farm. Clients are expected to dress appropriately and be prepared for varying weather conditions. Services will be ended immediately for clients who act maliciously towards the horses.

• 5-17 years old
• Enrolled in a contracted Health Care Plan
• Enrolled in AHCCCS
• Youth who has been enrolled in traditional therapy for at least six months and has made little to no progress with treatment goals

To refer a client for Equine Assisted Therapy, send the following documents to BHReferral@hcs-az.org:
• Direct Service Referral form with up to date contact information
• Initial Assessment/ Annual Psychological Evaluation including current diagnosis and BHP signature
• CFT or provider Service Plan with parent/ guardian signature identifying Equine Therapy
• Strengths, Needs, Cultural Discovery (if one has been completed)
• CAS II for youth over 5
• Crisis Plan (if one has been completed)

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