Tax Credit

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Give HOPE to Arizona children in need. Your donation is 100% deductible and may qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.

Donate up to $800 to Hope Community Services and get all of it back in your Arizona Tax Refund. You no longer have to itemize to take the credit.

Hope Community Services is a Qualifying Charitable Organization. Donate to Hope Community Services and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit through your Arizona tax return.  Individuals can receive up to $400 and couples filing jointly up to $800. *Please consult a qualified tax advisor for personal tax advice.
Call us at (623) 848-8863 to donate over the phone.


What is the Tax Credit for Qualifying Charitable Organizations?

  1. Available only for donations to qualified charities that provide services to working-poor families.
  2. This tax credit is formerly known as the Working-Poor Tax Credit.
  3. Amounts lower than $400/$800 also qualify.
Donate Here!

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