West Valley Child Crisis Center, a recognized leader in providing child welfare services to the most vulnerable in the Valley, announces a new name and fresh look.

Since 1986, West Valley Child Crisis Center (WVCCC) has provided a variety of direct services to children and families in the community through emergency shelter, foster care, adoption, training, and education programs, and recently added behavioral health services throughout Maricopa County.

“For over 32 years, we have helped children who have experienced severe abuse recover from trauma through a variety of evidence-based programs that heal and inspire hope,” said Chief Executive Officer Kary Goitia. “While our original name and logo hold historical significance and a strong legacy, we knew it was time to re-focus to better match our values and our extensive service to the entire region. We wanted our name to reflect what we do, to connect the dots with the life-changing transformations that take place every day through our programs. Our new name and logo communicate a brighter future through community support resulting in a more positive message to those we serve.”

Hope Community Services looks forward to continuing to serve the children and families most in need in Maricopa County and collaborating with you to strengthen the community!

OUR VISION - Thriving children and families in a safe and healthy community.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT - Hope Community Services' mission is to create lasting solutions for children and families by providing innovative programs to foster safe and healthy communities within Arizona.


The Sanctuary Model has been introduced at Hope Community Services to create a trauma-informed culture.  This model is based on the idea that trauma and hardships are part of life, therefore, focuses on clients and staff alike. This research-based model promotes safety and provides information and ideas to ensure clients are not retraumatized and promotes a safe working environment for staff. Additionally, Sanctuary asks that you change your perspective to look at what has happened to someone versus what is wrong with someone. Sanctuary teaches us that emotions are normal, contagious, and need to be managed appropriately.

The agency has been working to implement this model for about three years. Click here to find out more.

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